a unique way to create your micro controller application


a unique way to create your micro controller application without programming, in just three steps.


Plug it

Just plug & play your hardware. Hock it up with sensors and actuators plugins



Connect and configure your newly created hardware with tipcontrol Commander Software on your PC


Run it

Deploy your Hardware

Plug and Play your Hardware

tipcontrol uses the ESP8266 Micro controller with USB and Wifi build in based on the Wemos Pinout. You can connect a variety of plugins to the controller.

20+ stackable plugins called “Caps” are available as well. In addition you easily can create your own Caps and implement them in your hardware project.

Connect and Configure

Once you connected the Micro controller with your plugins or stackable “Caps" you plug the device to the USB port on an PC. Launch tipcontrol Commander Software and look for your device. Now you need to tell the operating system of your hardware what you have connected to it.

  1. Drag and drop the plugins over your USB device and set the variables and pins.
  2. Do this for every plugin or stackable "Caps".
  3. Create optional macros

Deploy your Hardware

As an XOJO programmer you can access the hardware via WIFI or USB using the libraries available for download.

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