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Building up a complete IoT world without writing a single line of code. Possible with tipcontrol.

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Why tipcontrol?

Modern technology require modern tools. To control homes, robotics, machinery or any alike, sensors and controlling units are needed. That’s where tipcontrol comes in. Easy to assemble and powerful in use.

With tipcontrol we strive to make the complex IoT useable for all of us. Everyone should be able to use the endless possibilities for their own needs.


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How can I use it?

tipcontrol feels a bit like playing with lego. In only three steps, you can create your microcontroller application without programming.

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Thema 1:

Plug it

Just plug & play your hardware. Hook it up with your stackable plugins and sensors, called Caps.


Thema 2:

Configure it

Connect your newly created hardware with tipcontrol® Designer Software. Configure tipcontrol as needed.


Thema 3:

Run it

Deploy your hardware and enjoy your freshly baked IoT tool.


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How does it work?

tipcontrol is a microcontrollerbased, rapid development environment for any Internet of Things application. It is a complete IoT development kit including micro controller, an operating system, configuration software, and cloud infrastructure needed to quickly build a wireless IoT system.

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• Micro controller-based development board
• Selection of stackable sensors, e.g. battery cap, power cap and USB charger
• Operating system OSμ and configuration Client
• tipcontrol Cloud, App, API
• Cases in different sizes


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